Full-service agency specialised in complete digital brand transformations and ambitious connected growth strategies

At SmallGiants, we advocate for a global view of marketing. Focused on problem-solving with whichever of our tools fit your challenges best, we bring a systematic approach, built on a deep understanding of business objectives, data-informed experimentation and agile development of both tech and creatives.

Trust in the process

Research-based foundations to create and measure growth:


Robust foundations from research, data and the right tech stack to support your growth.



Brand and digital growth strategies keeping business objectives, competitive edge and customer ambitions at centre stage.



Paid media campaigns with memorable creatives, effective targeting and ongoing optimisation for optimal ROI.



Defining and correctly tracking the right KPIs so goals are met and results understood.



Test, learn, optimise - and start it all over again.

Digital brand transformations

Large brand transformation projects are as involved and exciting as they sound.

They typically involve the re-crafting of the value proposition for the changed environment or company aspirations, new vocabulary to attract customers with benefit-focused language and an energising visual identity update. Websites, apps, marketing assets and advertising creatives are brought into the brand universe, while relevant marketing technology tools are examined for updates and tactics that fit the positioning.

Everything is designed to increase brand value, customer trust and share of mind.

Growth strategies

Our CRM, automation and paid media subject matter experts work in interconnected teams.

While leads might be the alpha and the omega of scale-up activities, our systems take care of your prospects and customers from first contact to repeat business. We believe that the right tech stack and understanding your key performance indicators across the customer journey are as important as full-funnel paid media campaigns, content crafted for relevance, and thoughtful automation.

We build growth ecosystems for efficiency, personalisation and best-in-class tracking to heighten ROI and highlight the value of marketing in your organisation.

Our services

From messaging to development,
we’ve got you covered

Brand Strategy & Creative Design

Whether complete brand transformation, user interface design, brochure or full-scale event and spatial design, we approach all projects with the same philosophy: cohesion, consistency and a representation of your value proposition is key.

Brand & Market Research
Target Audience Development
Value Proposition
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Website Concepts, Wireframes & Design
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Digital Marketing Strategy

Integrated digital marketing strategy frameworks guided by data and research, tailored to each client and every stage of their consumer journey. We structure the right digital channel mix to help you attract, engage, and retain consumers.

Digital Research & Analysis
Search Engine Optimisation
Media Buying & Digital Advertising
Marketing Automation & Email Marketing
Social Media Management
Marketing Analytics & Reporting
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Marketing & Product Technology

Our full-service agency offers an invaluable advantage of subject matter experts, working closely together to build the best solution for your business. Informed by UX, UI and digital marketing experts, everything our technologists build will seamlessly integrate into your customer journeys and strategies.

Technology Review & Strategy
Systems Architecture
Website Design & Development
Mobile App Development
Content Management Systems
Software Development
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Sales Automation & CRM

Supercharging your growth with well-structured CRM ecosystems by enabling automation, cross-functional collaboration, reporting and of course sales processes that delight and retain customers to maximise opportunities.

Data & System Quality
CRM Strategy
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Analytics & Insights
Training & Adoption
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Digital media buying and optimisation is a crucial part of digital growth approaches. Reach optimal ROI with the right channel mix with the help of research, thorough examination of CPC and CPA values and thoughtful audience segmentation.

PPC Advertising
Paid Social Media Ads
Media Planning
Reporting & Analyses
Conversion Tracking and Analytics
Paid Media Account Architecture
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In their own words

What our clients say about SmallGiants

"What made SmallGiants stand out for us was the effort they put into understanding our business. They’ve helped us achieve everything we asked for, and two years on from the start of our collaboration, we see them as valued partners for the next phase of our development."

Chief Executive Officer

"I don’t know how you do it but every member of the SG team is dedicated, super switched on so just wanted to say THANK YOU!"

Chief Marketing Officer

General System
"SmallGiants is amazing at what they do for us - they have helped us achieve a sophisticated level of digital marketing in a very short timeframe. My advice is to stop looking around and just sign up with them. It’s really that simple."

Chief Commercial Officer

"The SmallGiants team exceeded our expectations on their professionalism, forward looking view and strong project delivery. They were a natural choice in helping us translate our value clearly in the marketplace."

Chief Executive Officer


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