Brand Strategy & Creative Design

Multi-disciplinary solutions to elevate messaging, visual identity and marketing assets

Brand & Market Research
Target Audience Development
Value Proposition Design
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Website Design
Application Design
Visual Asset Production
Video Production
Event & Spatial Design
Email Design
Sales & Marketing Collateral
Holistic brand strategy that encapsulates your strengths and aspirations to capture your audiences' hearts. Rooted in research, fully aligned with your target audiences’ ambitions, and brought to life with striking creative concepts that embody its spirit. Our brand and web transformations increase shareholder value while enhancing recognition, trust and connection to your customers. 

Brand & Market Research

Understand your competitive space and find your niche

Competitor Brand Analysis
Value Proposition Mapping
Brand Vocabularies
Website Analysis
Brand Audit
Unclaimed Strategic Territories
Proprietary Research & Brand Indexes

Examine your key competitors’ positioning, brand strategies and how well their brand messaging translates into their visible marketing activities.

See visual identities and key creative assets in one place to discover competitive advantages and identify new and unique opportunities.

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Target Audience Research

Build empathy towards your customers and craft personas that help your planning

Customer Interviews
Secondary Research Analysis
Target Audience Personas
Customer Segmentation
Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding your target audience, their motivations, hopes and needs, is one of the unmovable cornerstones of successful branding and digital marketing strategies.

Feed your brand and campaign messaging with deep customer comprehension: build target audience personas that make briefing more effective than ever before. Develop an understanding of customer journeys that enable digital campaigns to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Value Proposition

Communicate your value loud and clear

Value Proposition
Customer Segment Messaging

We believe that the best value propositions are clear, concise and speak to your clients’ wants and needs.

Our Value Proposition process guides you and your team confidently through our tried and tested framework. Build on research, customer discovery and your own deep understanding of your business, to arrive at an effective and exciting statement encompassing the best of what you offer.

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Brand Strategy

Design an exciting north star for all your marketing assets and activities

Creative Strategic Territories
Mission, Vision & Purpose
Brand Vocabulary
Brand Framework Hierarchy
Brand Archetypes

“A brand is what you stand for, made clear by how you do what you do.”

We understand that an outstanding brand strategy is not only intriguing and capable of setting you apart, but helps you make decisions and craft excellent briefs. Discover strategic territories that capture your customers’ imagination, inspire trust and make your business even more valuable.

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Visual Identity

Creative discovery to develop brand identities that shine through

Creative Visual Concepts
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Brand Style Guide
Colour Palette
Fonts & Types

A strong, distinctive brand and visual identity is at the core of generating industry recognition and awareness in any given marketplace.

Based on the brand and strategy research, our creative team crafts unique identities to visualise the value proposition with a creative framework that shines against the competition, resonates with key audiences, and drives engagement.

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UX Design & Website Concepts

Make the best possible first impression with this core touchpoint of your brand

Information Architecture
User Experience Design
POC Prototypes
User Interface Design
Illustrations & Animations

A strong marketing website remains a critical point of customer engagement, instilling confidence in prospects and lending integrity to brands.

Our award-winning web design team tackles every project based on its unique requirements, your brand identity, and business objectives. We design with seamless customer journeys and improved conversion rates in mind throughout the entire process. We define core structures and hierarchies, and craft thoughtful UX design, wireframes and prototypes for testing. The creation of user-friendly interface designs can include bespoke illustrations and animations.

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Application Design

User interface design for consumer and complex business applications

App UI Design
iOS & Android UI
App Usability & User Experience

Applications require the right combination of thoughtful UX and UI design that simplifies complex functionalities and interactions in limited spaces.

From consumer and social applications to complex financial data interfaces, our UX and UI teams work closely with clients and development teams to understand core requirements and functionalities to define the hierarchies of an application and ensure the optimal user experience and engagement.

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Visual Asset Production

Stand out in the crowded market of digital and social advertising

Creative Advertising Concepts
Display Ads
Video Ads
Social Media Ads
A/B Testing
Conversion Optimisation

The speed and intensity of social and digital marketing can make it challenging to create a lasting impression that resonates with target audiences.

Extensive client and competitor research gives our creative team the insights and understanding to generate unique and engaging creative digital campaigns. This, combined with a range of executions - from imagery to animated and video content - has helped our clients stand apart from the competition, drive user engagement and increase conversions.

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Video & Animation Production

Bring your brand to life and elevate your message through bespoke videos and animations

Custom Animations
Video Editing
Social Media Animation
Company Explainer Video
How-to Animations
Animated Infographics

Video marketing has long been proven to reach wider audiences and inspire more interaction than any of its alternatives, ultimately leading to increased user engagement and higher conversion rates.

Our internal video production team has become a powerhouse in the creation of animated and video content. From simple but effective social media animations to full product or company explainers, we help you craft video content that customers will remember.

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Events & Spatial Design

Making strong brand statements in large spaces

Bespoke Event Installations & Booths
Immersive Digital Experiences
Pull-Up Display Banners

Moving from handheld and on-screen marketing channels to the expansive spaces of events and trade shows can be a daunting experience.

Yet, an opportunity to meet clients and prospects face to face and create lasting impressions in the real world has never been more welcome. Our team will support your next event with a wealth of knowledge on managing the design and execution of eye-catching visuals for corporate events and trade shows, to ensure your space reflects your brand.

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Email Design

Reach clients directly with email designs that demand to be read

Email Templates
Conversion Optimisation
User-Friendly Email Layouts

Whilst the shine of email marketing has long been overtaken by digital and social media, stable opening rates still mean it is one of the most efficient tools to reach those customers already in your pipeline.

Our team creates and tests robust corporate campaign email templates, ensuring that designs reflect clients’ brand identities with consistent displays across the range of email platforms and layouts, enhancing clickthrough rates.

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Sales & Marketing Collateral

Continue the conversation with sales and marketing follow-up materials

Fact Sheets
Sales Decks
 Interactive PDFs
Presentation Templates
Marketing & Sales One-pagers

Now that you’ve gained their attention, follow-up materials are a great way to expand on your story, educate customers about your business, and guide prospects to a final conversion.

Our team has a proven capability across industries to push your messaging further and extend your brand messaging into long-form, creating beautifully engaging sales and marketing materials. Highlight your offers’  benefits, build trust and support the customer journey with collaterals that are a joy to look at.

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