Paid Media Planning & Management

Rooted in research and data, optimised for maximum impact

Paid Media Research
Paid Social Media Advertising
PPC Advertising
Performance Audits and Transformation
Media Strategy and Planning
Account-Based Marketing
Conversion Tracking & Analytics
Digital media buying and optimisation is a crucial part of digital growth approaches. Reach optimal ROI with the right channel mix based on research, a thorough examination of CPC and CPA values, and a structured approach to audience segmentation. We offer deep expertise in all types of paid media including PPC advertising, paid social media advertising and paid search ads.

Paid Media Research

Develop a full understanding of the trends and engagement with paid ads in your sector

Keyword Research
Competitor Audit
Audience Segmentation
Keyword Mapping
Content & Keyword Engagement
Social Share of Voice and Trends
Paid Media Tech Stack

Effective media mix planning is paramount to success. Utilising a data and test-driven approach ensures precision and optimisation in allocating resources across various channels.

Our paid media research allows for the identification of high-performing strategies and the refinement of the media mix. Iterative testing and data-driven insights empower our team of marketers to continually adapt, and optimise the media mix for maximum impact.

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Paid Social Media Advertising

Engage new audiences where they enjoy spending their online time

LinkedIn Advertising
Meta Advertising
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Audience Segmentation

Social media today is a mature, easy to track and analyse channel that attracts a combined 3 billion people. Make the most of it with our team by defining audiences precisely, targeting based on interests, industries, job titles or hobbies, creating ads that seamlessly integrate into platforms where people spend so much of their daily online lives.

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PPC Advertising

Target precisely, pay for interactions only, measure accurately

Paid Search Ads
Display Ads
Video Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Retargeting PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising has been a staple of digital growth strategies for decades now. Set up your campaigns so that you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Instead of just renting some digital real estate, you'll be able to link the cost of your adverts directly to the number of visitors you drive to your site.

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Performance Audits & Transformation

Get a clear picture of your digital marketing setup and optimise for the best ROI

Ad Account Architecture Audit
Digital Ad Performance Audit
SEO Audit
GTM Audit & Architecture

Gone are the days when marketers had no idea which 50% of their budget drove results. In digital marketing, advanced tools and platforms aid our quest for the most effective tactics, channels and creative. But every system could do with a fresh pair of eyes and possibly a reset every now and then.

If the amount of data flowing in is not always painting a crystal clear picture, you are dealing with tracking and attribution issues or scaling up demands an update of your martech architecture, our team is on hand to perform a deep dive audit, provide recommendations and execute subtle tweaks or complete digital marketing transformation.

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Media Strategy & Planning

Plan holistically for results along the entire funnel and better ROI

Target Audience Profiling & Segmentation
Objective & KPI Analyses
Media Mix Planning
Text Campaigns

Comprehensive strategy and planning based on data, research and our experience delivering integrated digital marketing campaigns for our clients. With a focus on precise audience segmentation and targeting, our team designs full-funnel media strategies, keeping a close eye on ROI objectives supported by on-brand, highly relevant creatives. 

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Account-Based Marketing

Find your needle in the haystack and target 
high-value accounts strategically

Personalised Content
Targeted Advertising
Direct eMail
One-to-One Outreach

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach focused on targeting and engaging the high-value accounts or companies best suited to your offering, rather than casting a wide net to a less defined audience. Our team can support you with identifying these audience segments, sourcing contact details and building automation flows to target them effectively.

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Conversion Tracking & Analytics

Follow your customers from lead to cash

Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Google Tag Manager
CRM Integrations

While planning is one half of paid media success, tracking and measuring is the other. Our seasoned team, comprised of technology, paid media and CRM experts, can support your tracking needs from top-of-the-funnel metrics all the way to qualified or returning leads.

With a team of specialists across the board, SmallGiants can build the right tracking architecture and customer flow that feed into marketing automation or CRM systems at will.

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Keep a close eye on your results and grow with ongoing optimisation

PPC Reporting & Optimisation
Paid Media Insights
Reporting Consolidation

Paid media campaigns are an important tool in our box because
they are so measurable, trackable and fast to modify. Our senior paid media managers keep a close eye on your campaigns to provide clear, easy-to-read reports with the important insights highlighted.

Using these insights, we optimise on a weekly basis, ensuring that we keep on top of changing customer behaviour and trends.

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