Digital Marketing Strategy

Data-driven digital marketing strategies based on brand, industry and competitor research

Social Media Management
Search Engine Optimisation
Marketing Automation & Email Marketing
Marketing Analytics and Reporting
Digital Research & Analysis
Our research findings guide the framework for an integrated digital marketing strategy that is tailored to each client and every stage of their consumers' journeys. We help you attract, engage, and retain consumers using the digital channel mix that is right for you.

Digital Research & Analysis

Market & competitor data that lights
a way forward

Keyword & Gap Analyses
Social Listening
Competitor Digital Activity Mapping
Target Audience Mapping
Customer Interviews
Trend Reports

Effective strategies require a deep understanding of the environment, competitors and what captures your audiences' attention. Our research ranges from keyword analyses to monitoring social media discussions, from understanding how well your competitors’ marketing is doing to customer interviews unearthing new insights. Auditing your past digital efforts with a new pair of eyes can also pinpoint surprisingly successful campaigns to draw from, as well as territories in need of some freshening up.

Why take a plunge in the dark when thorough preparation can show clear direction and more profitable routes?

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Media Buying & Digital Advertising

The perfect mix of digital advertising creativity, strategy and performance

Paid Search
Paid Social
Programmatic & Display Advertising
Remarketing & Retargeting

A successful advertising strategy must be crafted to cater to multiple domains and to provide relevant, interesting information to potential customers across the customer journey.

Increasing business exposure and awareness can be a complex task, reliant on a detailed understanding of audience segments, their media consumption, purchase habits and motivations. With our data-driven approach and “always test first” methodology, your digital advertising strategy will be set up to reach the right people on the right channel at the right time.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Grow your organic traffic from search engine results pages

SEO Strategy
Keyword Research & Analysis
Technical SEO
Content Analysis & Strategy
Market Gap Analysis
UX Strategy
Mobile SEO
Website Migration

Enhance your website content to encourage visibility on search engines, optimise the quality and quantity of your company’s web traffic, and reach a larger group of potential customers.

Increase search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your website with data-driven SEO tactics including keyword research, on-page optimisation, technical updates and local SEO. Whether it’s brand awareness, boosting conversion rates or improving UX, we can help.

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Email Marketing

Effective, personalised, time-saving

Marketing Clouds
AI Automation
CRM Integration
Marketing Campaign Assets
Prospect and Lead Management
Drip Programs
Scoring and Ranking
Email Marketing

We combine software and strategy to design automation plans that manage repetitive manual marketing processes, enhance relevance
 and personalisation, and save valuable time for marketing teams.

SmallGiants use a range of software tools and programmes to allow you to increase your customer conversion rate and nurture existing customer relationships.

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Marketing Analytics & Reporting

Invaluable insights to boost your marketing performance

Customer Purchase Behaviour
Web Analytics
Marketing Campaign Analytics
KPI Tracking
CRM Reports
Analytics Tools
Advertising Analytics

Marketing analytics is the bread and butter of your marketing efforts and a crucial part of driving success. We help you gain invaluable understanding of your marketing activities, customer behaviour and overall performance.

More than just data, we provide insights and a clear way forward. By continuously optimising campaigns and strategies to beat industry benchmarks, we partner with our clients in constructing full-funnel ecosystems, spotting opportunities and driving value for the business.

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Social Media Management

Comprehensive social strategies to build a robust online presence for your brand

Audience Analysis
Social Channel Strategy
Content Strategy
Social Animations
Social Dashboards and Automation
Social Advocacy
Social Advertising
Executive Profile Raising

Social media is an exciting marketing tool, which, when used correctly can have a hugely positive impact on business. Curating and implementing a successful social media marketing strategy goes beyond creating a few posts; it is about creating a brand personality that your customers relate to and content that delights or educates.

SmallGiants offer a full range of social media services including content creation, social strategy, influencer marketing and community management, to help build web traffic and boost conversions for your brand’s online presence.

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"What made SmallGiants stand out for us was the effort they put into understanding our business. They’ve helped us achieve everything we asked for, and two years on from the start of our collaboration, we see them as valued partners for the next phase of our development."

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"I don’t know how you do it but every member of the SG team is dedicated, super switched on so just wanted to say THANK YOU!"

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"SmallGiants is amazing at what they do for us - they have helped us achieve a sophisticated level of digital marketing in a very short timeframe. My advice is to stop looking around and just sign up with them. It’s really that simple."

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"The SmallGiants team exceeded our expectations on their professionalism, forward looking view and strong project delivery. They were a natural choice in helping us translate our value clearly in the marketplace."

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