5 Web Excellence Awards accorded to SmallGiants and Our Wonderful Clients

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5 Web Excellence Awards accorded to SmallGiants and Our Wonderful Clients

5 Web Excellence Awards accorded to SmallGiants and Our Wonderful Clients

We are overjoyed to announce that SmallGiants has earned not one, but five awards at the prestigious Web Excellency Awards. Recognized for setting the benchmark for innovation and creativity on the internet, the awards are an initiative of the Web Excellence and Digital Advancement Membership (WEADAM), a global association focused on enhancing the standards of web technologies and digital marketing. Gaining these accolades is a reflection of our dedication to create delightful digital experiences that stand out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The colourful and bold Accelex brand transformation project triumphed in the 'Website Design / Financial Services' category. Our team's skillful blend of cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking design strategies reshaped the brand's online presence, crafting a visually captivating, intuitive, and seamless user experience. See it here.

We also clinched an award in 'Video & Podcast / Banking & Finance' and also in ‘Sustainability” for our work with Wilshire, acknowledging a knack for storytelling and visually compelling narrative that not only resonated with the audience but also personified Wilshire's brand identity in motion. Watch the award-winning video here.

Our own data index project, Who Rules The World, won the 'Advertising & Marketing / Branded Content' category. Through bold design and innovative content, we've demonstrated our ability to gather and organise data and display it in a way that exemplifies our agency's ethos and showcases our creative and data science firepower. Explore our index here and stay tuned for how things changed in 2023.

Additionally, our work on the Hidden Unicorns 'Social Campaign' was also acknowledged. We crafted a potent, engaging campaign that transcended beyond likes and shares, building an online community and fostering meaningful conversations. Experience our award-winning campaign here.

These accolades are not just our victories, but a shared triumph with our clients, partners, and everyone who believes in our vision. Your support and trust in us are what enables pushing boundaries and creating digital wonders. Here's to more shared successes and carving out the extraordinary from the ordinary. Thank you!

Al Ramich
CEO at SmallGiants.Agency and Loomi.AI