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Who Rules the World

A multifaceted analysis exploring over 100 data points across wealth, influence and political or business positions held, to create the ultimate ranking of the world’s most influential people.

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Uncover new angles and perspectives of power behind the individuals with the most potential to move the markets.

Do you ever wonder if you can compare the influence of Beyonce and Joe Biden, or Lional Messi to Kim Kardashian? 
We empathically believe you can.

Join us on our mission to find new lenses and paradigms to detect the shifting tides of influence.

Who wields the power? Who has the influence? Who are the real decision-makers?

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The Who Rules The World Brand Index collates information from 80 different data sources to create a prestigious list of the top 100 most influential individuals from across the globe, spanning politics, entertainment, business, and sports.

WRTW Top 100

See the top 100 most powerful people in the world based on Wealth, Influence and the 
position held.

Wealth Index

Understand wealth like never before, taking not only personal ownership into account but the budgets or GDPs individuals have a significant influence over.

Influence Index

See the most influential people in the world. We don't look just at the social media followers, we examine the networks individuals have control over.

Power Index

See the most powerful people in the world based on the overall position they hold. Business and political entities controlled by the individual both impact this ranking, due to their significant effects on the world.

Sector Power Index

See how Politics, Business, Entertainment, Sports, and Media compare when it comes to power and influence.

Regional Power Players

See which regions and countries host the most powerful people.

Define Power in the Twenty First Century

Wealth has changed, influence has changed, power has changed. Who’s calling the shots in today’s society? To answer this and reveal who really rules the world, we’ve created a unique new index that harnesses the power of data to consider so much more than simply what’s in the bank. What separates the leaders from the followers? Who are the rulers of tomorrow and which stars are on the rise? Find out, only with Who Rules The World.




Three Key Pillars of Power

In order to compile a definitive index, three key data points were leveraged: Wealth, Power and Influence. These coalesce to determine who reigns supreme, where their strengths lie, and who has the capacity to tip the balance.

Five Dominant Sectors

Because the concept of power has undergone a seismic shift, the metrics that measure it have had to evolve too. Diversity of data and perspective is also key. Our index is comprised of information from five sectors: Business, Politics, Entertainment, Sports and Media

In an ever-changing world, knowledge is your most potent tool.

Join us in the exploration of influence, strategy, and the data that guides us toward a brighter future. We invite you to delve deeper into the hidden numbers of what shapes our world and find new perspectives. 

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